For farmers…

Hello, Fellow Farmers!

As farmers’ markets become more popular and more competing farms arise around you, I’d like to offer you a way to stand out and reach a specific market, people in your community who really NEED your produce.

People facing health concerns such as cancer or diabetes know that many produce items can be a big help for maintaining their health and quality of life, in spite of a daunting situation. Produce with a Purpose provides information, recipes, and empowerment to those people, and you can add our resources to your produce to provide classes or enhance your CSA package.

Of course, the arrival of a CSA box is a morale-booster anyway, but with the encouraging and educational materials added in, we can really help folks be strong and manage their own wellness, encouraging folks to do what they can for themselves, to explore alternatives, think critically and take charge of their own care.

In addition, Produce with a Purpose will provide information for farmers  regarding the health benefits of different varietals as well as recommend good sources for seeds.

I’m sure you can see that this a great marketing opportunity as well as a way for you to help your community. Contact us to work with us and differentiate your valuable, healthful crops.

Please email to become an affiliate.