IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! The paperback book is available on Amazon, ready for gifting or enjoying yourself, loaded with recipes, resource information on plant foods’ benefits, tips on how to eat more produce to support the fight against cancer, and luscious photos that immerse you in a sustainable small farm (for both mental soothing and inspiration to eat farm fresh food!) It has 246 pages, jam packed with encouragement, flavor, info, tips, color…a real boost for anyone facing cancer or their caregiver! And over 50 recipes, all stupid-easy, madly tasty, secretly healthy, that provide cancer-fighting nutrients and all are heart-healthy and low-sugar, many are gluten free, and many fit low-carb diets.
Prefer the inexpensive E-book? Get it on Amazon, while it’s at a low introductory price. Btw – you don’t need a kindle to read it, and a larger screen such as a bigger tablet or laptop is best anyway, since there are so many big beautiful pictures!



Did your doctor tell you to eat more produce to help you resist cancer (or heart disease or diabetes)? Now what? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you fearing it will all taste like dirt and twigs? Get the book to learn why eating more fresh produce can boost your wellness and how to make it easy, not overwhelming. Plenty of info, shortcuts and tips, farm imagery to pique your cravings for freshness, and lots of fresh, joyful flavor in the stupid-easy, madly tasty, secretly healthy recipes.

The Author’s Story:

When my dad was first diagnosed with prostate cancer and had radiation, i pushed my folks to start eating more fresh produce and preferably organics. My mom really upped her game from the broiled slab of meat and block of frozen-veggies dinners that i had grown up on, and dad said he had never eaten so well. While my dad had been a suit-and-tie, IBM guy who often said, “People never change,” he became well-versed in holistic treatments and began to take well-informed control of his own course of action. I’m not taking any credit for his changes, but he outran cancer for well over 20 years, perpetually learning, running his charity golf events, doing a bit of travel, always taking care of our family while looking dapper and in good color, gracious and smiling.

Lucy, Eileen, Brigid and KatieHe and I renovated this farmhouse in 2013, and i started taking care of the orchard, shaping rows for crops and an herb garden, and learning to care for four red hens. Bringing farm-fresh food to my folks was a way i could contribute to dad’s health as well as his enjoyment of life, take a little work off my mom’s hands, and sit and chat about something other than cancer.

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The idea for this business came from what we learned about the role of food in health, and dad helped me get set up just a few months before he passed. But all of what I do here is based on experience, research, and strong values.

We learned more than I ever wanted to know. But the goals of this farm developed as we learned, and here you have it: Produce with a Purpose – fresh produce, grown for disease-fighting and preventive health value, delivered with resources and information, cooking tips, and EASY but crazy-delicious recipes…as well as support, encouragement, holistic thinking and even a bit of humor.


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