Our Farms

Gould Family Farm

Dave’s Farm

Broken Plow

Singing Frog

 “In traditional agriculture, the soil is the mother. She is the mother who gives, to whom you must give back.” – Vandana Shiva

Our farms use no pesticides and no toxic fertilizers, and although we are not all certified organic, would meet certification criteria. The idea we share is that healthy land — properly cared for with rich and well structured soil, full of life and living things  — returns rich nourishment to us through our produce. Healthy land equals healthy humans. It sounds idealistic, but it is actually quite pragmatic. Spent soils require lots of amendments to grow crops, which adds to costs and labor but adds little health value to the food we eat. And we don’t really want to live with questionable chemicals in our fields or in our lives either. So, we keep it simple and clean.

Please visit the page of each of our contributing farms to see where your delicious and nutritious foods come from.