me in hoop house.jpgThere are three ways to connect with Produce with a Purpose to enhance your healthy eating skills and knowledge: set up regular classes with your organization, invite Kerin Gould, PhD. to speak or give a demonstration at an event, or subscribe to the online classes. All of these options respond the the question, “So your doctor told you to eat more produce – now what?” with encouragement, information, simple solutions, outstanding flavors, and some good humor sprinkled liberally throughout.


In-person Class Series

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Fresh veggies can be delivered to class participants!

Monthly classes are organized around seasonal topics, such as holiday cooking, warming spices, staying hydrated (without getting bored with plain water), etc. and provide information you can use and apply in supporting your own wellness. Classes include a cooking demonstration and tasting, such as heirloom tomato sampling or making chocolate truffles without added sugar, and ALL recipes are stupid-easy, madly tasty, and secretly healthy. Classes also include a goodie-bag of fresh produce. These classes can be arranged with organizations or private groups within an hour’s drive of the farm in Elverta.

Speaking Engagement

For your events, gatherings, groups, we can choose and adapt a topic to your audience’s needs. A popular topic, for example, is how to work around cravings for sweets but avoid sugar. Another is Detox Dining: Spring Cleaning for your Insides. If you have the facilities, this can include a cooking demonstration or tasting.

Online Course

Of course, not everyone is in the Sacramento area, so presentations, recipes, tips, articles, quickie quizzes, seasonal produce calendars, help for finding fresh produce in your area, and searchable information libraries are all available at Produce with a Purpose: An Online Resource Pantry.  This can be a helpful resource for folks fighting/preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. and their caregivers.

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