The Farm Subscription Idea

Your doctor told you to eat healthier, so now what? Didn’t you just see him grab lunch from a vending machine? Who has the time, the energy, the recipes…?

This is where a farm membership or “CSA” (community supported agriculture) can help you eat fresh, local, affordable, and terrifically tasty produce. Fresh-picked food, delivered to a convenient location, along with helpful information and delicious, easy recipes. Each delivery is a discovery and an enticing rainbow of vibrant flavors.

But Produce with a Purpose goes a step further: we choose fruit and veggies for our CSA  based on research into the plant nutrients that best help the overall wellness of people facing Cancer.  That may include tomatoes high in lycopene or leafy greens for anti-oxidants. Or it may mean plums or ginger to settle the tummy troubles that go along with your treatment. We also firmly believe that there is joy in fresh, bright flavors that is a benefit in itself. This does not mean a box of veggies will cure the disease, but we can try to create the best possible environment for the success of whatever treatment you choose.

And you’ll have access to research, articles, resources and more. We want you to be your own best advocate. That’s one side-effect of fighting cancer with healthy food: empowerment! It’s something you CAN do for yourself.

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