Recipes with a Purpose

These recipes have a three-part mission:


  • These dishes aim to be so full of flavor that you won’t even notice they are jam-packed with nutritious benefits. If eating healthy seems like some dire sacrifice it won’t stick. Food has to stimulate your appetite, grab you with great smells, bold colors and comforting textures even when you feel totally meh. It has to knock your socks off. Am I right?
  • Dishes feature fresh, seasonal produce, because you don’t have to do much to really fresh food to make it taste amazing. And when in season, when the produce is fresh picked locally, it’s at its most flavorful and cheapest.
  • Recipes are easy to make. Whether the cook is a caregiver or the person resisting illness, nobody has enough time or energy to spend on a lot of foo-foo, fancy cooking. Also, only easy recipes with bold flavor will be able to compete with the packaged offerings that are out there purporting to be health food. These are worth the (light) effort…

With the exception of Lisa’s Taco Salad, contributed by Lisa Bonta, and the Braised Bok Choy and Mushrooms from my sister Kim, these are MY recipes that i have worked out, testing and adjusting and simplifying processes. Please use them for your own health and happiness, but please do not “borrow” or “share” them on other blogs or for profit.

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