What’s growing?


Fall 2016

Pumpkins and purple sweet potatoes are ready for eating already, but after the summer burn-out period there are also tomatoes, peppers and eggplants staging a come-back, a last hurrah! The sunflowers, zinnias, and cosmos have the pollinators humming along out there, so plants keep fruiting. There’s more squash and plenty of tomatillos, even some late-season cucumbers that appreciate the slightly cooler weather. Green onions are ready to pick while leeks are getting going, and garlic is waiting for a space to fill. Beets are looking good too. The last watermelons are near ready and some ha’ogen melons are  ripening too. Meanwhile, looking ahead to cool weather, young greens are getting started – some kale, chard and, if it thrives, some spinach! There’s a row of purple  cabbage, but peas and fava beans are just starting out in shaded seedling flats. Fruit trees and berry canes are getting fed, some berries will be transplanted, and more will be grown from cuttings! Eventually they’ll be dormant and it will be time for pruning. Herbs like dill, sage, mints and parsley will be starting up again soon, but there’s still some beautiful basil for pesto, lemon grass, and more! Enjoy the abundance of the season!


Spring-Summer 2016

We are so lucky to have a mild spring – seems like i can get so much more done if i’m not passing out from the heat. Row crops are starting to look good, as their irrigation situation becomes regular and straw mulch keeps roots cool, soil softer, and water in the soil (rather than evaporating away.)

So many crops are on the verge of being ready for harvest. Oh the anticipation!

  • Tomatoes –
    • Sungolds for snacking
    • A perfect red slicing tomato for salads and sandwiches
    • Large, red pear-shaped tomato – ideal flavor, very substantial
    • San Marzanos for sauce
    • Tangerine for high lycopene content
  • Poblano peppers – a mild heat for chili, stuffed peppers, etc.
  • Sweet peppers
  • Summer squashes – Zucchini and yellow scalloped (patti-pan)
  • Delicata squash – just roast and eat.
  • Cucumbers – refreshing and hydrating
  • Wax beans and green beans
  • Jackson Wonder (dried) beans – great in soups, chili, etc.
  • Herbs – chives, parsley, oregano, basil, dill, mints, lemon balm, lemongrass…
  • Micro-greens and baby greens – concentrated nutrition for your salad, stir-fry or smoothie!
  • Ha’ogen melon
  • Purple sweet potatoes
  • And much, much more!