Recipes for People with Diabetes

Goals of recipes for diabetics:

  • Good quality, complex carbohydrates rather than junky simple carbs that break down too fast and rush into your system willy-nilly, and  a healthy amount of carbs for energy, the brain, and other functions
  • Good quality proteins and fats that slow the sugar but don’t add to your weight, come with toxins, or cause other troubles.
  • Fiber! Lots of fiber!
  • Benefits for blood pressure and good circulation, anti-inflammatory phyto-nutrients,  over-all boost in vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants.
  • Amazing flavor! When food is seasonal and fresh, it takes very little else to make it into an amazing dish.
  • Enticing appearance! That means more colors.
  • Easy and not too time-consuming.

Recipes with a Purpose