Book Project: contents

Mission: a gift book to give to someone who got a cancer diagnosis to encourage them, give them options and information – in small doses – and recipes for

  • Eating as well as possible, by adding farm-fresh produce to diet and connecting to local, organic, small grower – in order to support the immune system AND morale AND the environment
  • Finding joy and flavor – even when illness and treatment are awful
  • Recognizing you are your own best advocate, know your body, empowerment for self-care
  • Managing stress, finding comfort, and solidarity



  • Contributor essays: first-hand accounts of getting through, thriving, making discoveries and figuring out how to eat vibrant, healthful, joyful dishes.
  • Farm fresh images – visualize a fresh healthy you, connect to a farm, a green space full of life AND connect with a farm as food source. This is where food should come from.
  • Recipes – Stupid-easy, madly tasty, secretly healthy!
  • Topics on eating more produce – how and why
    • Why local and seasonal? (Seasonal produce calendar)
    • Best way to cook produce for max nutrition
    • What does organic really mean?
    • Others from seasonal presentations
  • Sidebar: Auntie Kerry sez eat yer veg-tables! (humor – common sense – don’t freak out – know yourself – you got this) 1-2 auntie kerry rants per season. ex:
    • Hype and “you’ve been doing this wrong”
    • Kale, kale, and more kale
    • Diets equal misery – no dirt and twigs!
    • Containers and cookware – who thought up this toxic, hard to open, hard to clean mess?
  • Sidebar: helpful lists of favorites and shortcuts
  • Essays on food topics such as Soup: A method more than a recipe; Getting through the holidays without guilt or backsliding; Substitutes for sweets; Getting to know your greens



  1. Author’s journey as intro. (Refer to first person authors to be included.)
  2. About the farm. (Use pics to visualize fresh and healthy life)
  3. Basic skills and resources. Eating fresh and seasonal food: Why local and seasonal?
    1. Best way to cook produce for max nutrition
    2. 3 good knives
    3. What does organic really mean?
    4. I’m supposed to eat (fill in the blank). How do I make it not suck?
    5. Where to get great food
  1. Spring (april-june)
    1. What’s in season/going on at the farm
    2. Topic 1: Spring cleaning inside and out
    3. Topic 2
    4. Topic 3
    5. Guest essay
    6. Auntie Kerry – Diets equal misery – no dirt and twigs!
    7. Favorite Phytonutrient 1: Zeaxanthin
    8. Favorite Phytonutrient 2: Terpenes
    9. Favorite Phytonutrient 3: Quercetin
    10. Sidebar lists – examples
      1. What healthy dishes will your family eat with you (rather than diso you aren’t making 2 meals!)?
      2. Favorite healthy substitute for not-so-healthy stuff?
      3. Best healthy food for when you have sore mouth/teeth/gums that DOESN’T seem like gross baby food?
      4. Favorite work-saving, space-saving (not a one trick pony) gadget for prepping fresh food?
      5. Best tips for adjusting foods to account for treatment-caused changes to appetite and tastes?
    11. Recipes
  2. Summer (july-sept)
    1. What’s in season/going on at the farm
    2. Topic 1: Staying Hydrated
    3. Topic 2
    4. Topic 3
    5. Guest essay
    6. Auntie Kerry – Hype, shaming and “you’ve been doing this wrong”
    7. Favorite Phytonutrient 1: lycopene
    8. Favorite Phytonutrient2: anthocyanins
    9. Favorite Phytonutrient 3: Resveratrol
    10. Sidebar lists
      1. What’s your go-to kitchen tool or gadget for making prep easier? (not a microwave!)
      2. What is your favorite purple food (loaded with anthocyanins for tumor-fighting)? What do you do with it?
      3. Best smoothie you ever made? Why is it best? Vitamins/anti-oxidants? Protein? Nausea? Appetite aid?
      4. Favorite book that inspires healthy (more produce) eating?
      5. Recipes
    1.  Fall(oct-dec)
      1. What’s in season/going on at the farm
      2. Topic 1: Festive Feasting
      3. Topic 2: Soup Season
      4. Topic 3: Holiday Sweets
      5. Guest essay
      6. Auntie Kerry –
      7. Favorite Phytonutrient 1: Flavonoids
      8. Favorite Phytonutrient 2: Glutiathone
      9. Favorite Phytonutrient 3: Polyphenols
      10. Sidebar lists
        1. Which herbs and spices MOST called to you when going through treatment? Which flavors repelled you?
        2. What’s your favorite red-orange food (loaded with carotenes and other anti-oxidants)? What do you do with it?
        3. What is your favorite holiday food that is secretly loaded with wellness boosters that nobody knows about?
        4. Favorite non-toxic, work-saving clean-up tips for your kitchen
      11. Recipes
  1. Winter (jan – march)
    1. What’s in season/going on at the farm
    2. Topic 1: Greens
    3. Topic 2
    4. Topic 3
    5. Guest essay
    6. Auntie Kerry –
    7. Favorite Phytonutrient 1: Indole-3-carbinol
    8. Favorite Phytonutrient 2: Luteolin
    9. Favorite Phytonutrient 3: Inositol (phytic acid, phytate)
    10. Sidebar lists
      1. What is your favorite dark green leafy food (loaded with anti-oxidants, iron, calcium, etc)? What do you do with it?
      2. What is the worst- most tasteless, pretentious, faddish, yucky – healthy-eating advice you ever got/food you have tried? What put you off?
      3. Best plant-based cold-weather comfort food?
      4. Favorite web site that inspires healthy plant-based eating?
    11. Recipes






  1. Artichokes with Easy Green Garlic Aioli
  2. Asparagus Black Bean Salad
  3. Asparagus Mousse
  4. Authentic Guacamole
  5. Avocado-Grapefruit Salad
  6. Berry Custard
  7. Berry Pavlova
  8. Berry-fresh Almond Thumbprint Cookies
  9. Black-eyed peas, Fresh Greens, and Pasta
  10. Braised Bok Choy and Mushrooms
  11. Carrot Cake (no sugar, no wheat)
  12. Cashew Milk
  13. Easy-peasy Fresh Bean Dip
  14. Faux Pho
  15. Greener than Green Goddess Dip/Dressing
  16. Homemade All i Oli (Aioli)
  17. Lemongrass Stuffed Mushrooms
  18. Mushroom Wild Rice Stew
  19. Pasta Primavera
  20. Risotto with Greens and Mushrooms
  21. Sauteed Sweet Potato Greens
  22. Seasonal Fruit Crisp
  23. Sesame Spinach
  24. Smoothie with Hidden Greens
  25. Soba Salad
  26. Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Tangy-Sweet Vinaigrette
  27. St. Paddy’s Colcannon in a Jacket
  28. Super Simple Spring Bean Spread
  29. We Got the Beets



  1. Baked Apples
  2. Baked Veggie-Ziti
  3. Roasted Winter Squash
  4. Root Veggie Latkes
  5. Creamy Borscht
  6. Mushroom Wild Rice Stew
  7. Fideos a la Cazuela (a la vegetariana)
  8. Pasta Fazul
  9. Paprika Roasted Potatoes and Cauliflower
  10. Pan-browned pumpkin gnocchi
  11. Tuscan Bean and Greens Soup
  12. Carrot and Sun-dried Tomato Bisque
  13. Black Bean Soup
  14. Bhuddist Temple-style Shiitake Soup: Kenchinjiru
  15. Creamy Curried Pumpkin Soup
  16. French-ish Onion Soup (Veg Version)
  17. Sweet Potato Wedges
  18. Tomato-Turmeric Soup
  19. Pumpkin Flan



  1. Asian Pear and Cabbage Slaw
  2. Baklava Breakfast Bar
  3. Creamy Curried Pumpkin Soup
  4. Cranberry Walnut Cookies – no wheat flour, no sugar!
  5. Chilaquiles – Veggie Version
  6. Corn-Poblano Chowder
  7. Eggplant with a Japanese Twist
  8. Purple Sweet Potatoes Hawaiian Style
  9. Black Bean Soup
  10. Raita / Tzatziki Cucumber Dip
  11. Tomato-Turmeric Soup
  12. Zucchini bread with Carribean Flavors
  13. Spicy Pumpkin-Lemongrass Soup
  14. Chilaquiles – Veggie Version
  15. Feel-good Felafal
  16. Vegetable Wellington



  1. Glass Noodle Summer Salad
  2. Red Curry with Summer Veggies
  3. Barely Baking Summer Berry Pie
  4. Everything Salad
  5. Roasted Tomatoes
  6. Pasta Arrabiata
  7. Berry Custard
  8. Chilled Avocado-Cucumber Soup
  9. Gazpacho
  10. Soba Salad
  11. Veggie Vichysoisse
  12. Windfall Cherry-plum Jam
  13. Pizza Canoes
  14. Sauteed Sweet Potato Greens
  15. Vegetable Paella
  16. Xamfaina with Pa amb Tomaquet


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