Newsletter-Invite #1

We are still growing and cooking cancer-fighting food! Join us!
Tune in for our “Cook-along” classes! Add the ingredients to your grocery list and meet up on Sunday at 5pm, when Kerin will demo a recipe, along with some nutrition info, and you can make the dish at home in your own kitchen. Like a sing-along but for food! You can ask questions via a chat space too! We can safely practice social distancing AND still learn and eat together!
What’s In Season
When produce is at its seasonal peak in your area, it’s more flavorful, attractive, nutrient dense, and it’s cheaper. So get it while the getting’s good and freeze, dry, pickle or can it!
Bell Peppers
Green Beans
Lima Beans

Summer squashes
LastLast Week’s
This Week’s Cook-Along
Our topic for our first LIVE class will be Superfoods of Summer – nutrient dense, cancer-fighting, delicious and refreshing foods to boost wellness!  We’ll take a quick look at how to prepare  nopal cactus  and demonstrate our main recipe: Seasonal Fruit Crisp!
Stupid-easy: once you learn the crumbly topping you can put it on whatever chunky fruit combination is in season, like the apricot-blueberry mix above.
Madly Tasty: the fresh fruit brings its bold sweet-tart deliciousness, and the nutty, spiced topping complements that perfectly.
Secretly Healthy: Zero white sugar, loads of anti-oxidants and vitamins, fiber, a little protein and healthier fats!

See our first video class here, then sign up to watch via Facebook.

If you miss the class, you can catch it later on YouTube.
Notes from the Farm
Well, that long, cool spring was lovely, but that is over! The soil is hard and dry wherever there’s no irrigation, and it seems plants are needing more water than ever. The olallie berries got toasted by dry hot winds, but not before the possums and I got a fair amount, and the cute little garter snake took up residence among the brambles. Right now it’s all about the plums and pluots, and I’ve been making plum sorbet with zero white sugar, and I’m working out a recipe for a plum sauce for veggie kebobs and stir-fry! Find all the recipes and lots of nutrition info  here.
Food and Wellness News

No Reason to Avoid Fresh Produce

Purdue University’s Department of Food Science tells consumers: Don’t let a fear of the coronavirus COVID-19 to keep you from eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

21 Reasons to Eat Real Food    

From EcoWatch/Healthline  

Real food is whole food, mostly unprocessed, free of chemical additives and rich in nutrients. In essence, it’s the type of food human beings ate exclusively for thousands of years.

Want to Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Colon Cancer? You May Want to Double Your Fiber Intake

From the Cleveland Clinic

Researchers found that people who ate between 25 and 29 grams of fiber per day saw a 15 to 30% decrease in their risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer.

Where to find fresh veggies:
Where to learn more: Produce With a Purpose Online Resource Pantry
About Kerin and Produce with a Purpose
Kerin Gould has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Health and a PhD in Native American Studies. (So she’s a doctor, but not that kind of doctor!) She has worked with food-related non-profits and taught a high school farm-to-fork program, but eventually focused on developing her own sustainable, non-toxic, wildlife-friendly farm and exploring a new way to connect vibrant fruit and veggies and those who strive to enhance their health with farm-fresh produce.
About our producer, Bex
Rebecca Rielly (credited on IMBD as Bex Francis) is media professional with over 15 years in her field. Rebecca has worked in television, radio, film, and social media with experience in streaming and creating content. Rebecca is known in the Sacramento area for producing in television, film and other media platforms . Rebecca is the creator QuaranCon, the first online virtual comic convention in the Sacramento Region.


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