The birds and the bees and you…

No, i’m not going to tell you the facts of life or give you a Cosmo-like article on how to be more exciting to your significant other. I’m not Dr. Ruth! The metaphorical birds and bees aren’t my topic of the day so much as the literal ones. I just came in from the field where, even though it’s October and many summer plants are on their last legs, it’s all buzzing and fluttering with bees, butterflies, skippers and little moths, dragonflies and damselflies and praying mantises as well as finches finishing off the sunflower seeds and hummingbirds sipping from zinnias too. When i planted some snow peas this morning i had to gently set aside fat pink worms who were enjoying the soft, post-rain soil.

It’s all very, very alive out there. Of course, many are hard-working pollinators and pest predators, and that’s good for me, the farmer. Why should you care? Maybe wiggly things creep you out, or you fear bee stings or those moths look like hairy little aliens. And why should i be bragging like a 9-year old boy about having a great collection of creepy-crawlies ?

These guys are all thriving, because there aren’t any toxic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides here. If i get aphids, they get hosed off the plant. Birds are more than welcome to hunting all the little beetles that can wreck the cucumbers and squashes, so those are kept in check. Come for the sunflowers, stay for the cucumber beetles. The dragonflies are better than anything for little annoying bugs and mosquitoes. Snakes and lizards fiercely hunt pests as well. Native plants like elderberry, yarrow, toyon and more are all around the crops to attract these helpers. So when all these babies are happy and the mini-ecosystem is well, it’s an indicator that  your food is likewise healthy and free of sprays and unwanted chemicals. No GMO or Round-up dependent crops either. It doesn’t mean there’s never any bug damage, but when these beneficial critters are doing well and in balance, so is your food !

The food you get from Produce with a Purpose comes from a garden that is just humming with life and good energy, from soil that has busy workers breaking down organic matter to nourish the plants that make the fruit and veggies, and from a small, sustainable, colorful, thriving source of wellness. Enjoy!


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