How does fresh produce help a cancer patient?

Eating raw kale morning noon and night is not the cure for cancer, and even if it was, some might think that was a fate worse than death. But there are four major ways fruit and veggies can help, without your dinner tasting like dirt, leaves and twigs.

First, some phyto-nutrients (chemicals found in plants) have real cancer-fighting power, whether that means reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system, fighting tumors, etc. These chemicals are being incorporated or mimicked in many new cancer medications. It’s solid  bio-chemical science, not new-age nuttery. I’ll provide more information on these soon.

Second, fresh produce raised without toxic chemicals and grown in nutrient-rich soil brings quality vitamins and minerals without additives, preservatives, pesticides or fertilizers that may add to your body’s list of things to fight. Give your body the strength, energy, and immune support it needs to handle the cancer cells, and keep other substances out of the mix.

Third, your treatment itself can mess with your digestion, your appetite, your energy level, red blood cells, sense of smell/taste, oral health, and more. Whichever treatment you choose, your body needs all the help it can get. Give yourself something full of flavor, color, zip, and wellness to offset the other stuff you are going through.

Fourth,  have something to look forward to that lifts your spirits and refreshes you. Treat yourself! Give yourself glorious food! Healthy food doesn’t mean deprivation or bland, boiled, pureed, icky stuff – not at Produce with a Purpose, anyway! Fresh food should make you feel good all over. Take this opportunity to have some culinary adventures, improved comfort food, and a bit of fun.


For more information:

Mount Sinai Medical Center: Nutrition in Cancer Care

American Institute for Cancer Research

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