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  • Newsletter-Invite August 23
    Sharpen your chef knife and get ready for our next Cook-Along! It’s hot as blazes, and your appetite is on vacation, but you DO need to keep up your cancer-fighting immune system and stay hydrated.… More
  • Newsletter-Invite August 9
    We’re Getting Ready for our nextCook-Along!  Need a little mid-summer inspiration?  Encouragement and usable knowledge? Come and cook with us (in your own kitchen) in real time. Like a sing-along but for food! We’ll give… More
  • Newsletter-Invite July 26
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  • Newsletter-Invite #1
      We are still growing and cooking cancer-fighting food! Join us! Tune in for our “Cook-along” classes! Add the ingredients to your grocery list and meet up on Sunday at 5pm, when Kerin will demo… More
  • Bird-watching at the Gould Family Farm
    This is the reward you get when you don’t use sprays that kill all the bugs and contaminate food and water: a chance to check off names on your birder’s life-list without leaving your backyard!… More
  • The Season for Sweets
    A Native American elder once told me that the reason so many people consume so much sugar and have type II diabetes is that life isn’t as sweet as in the days of his youth.… More
  • Late Bloomers
    Beans, squashes, and tomatoes are having their annual resurgence, with straggling plants greening up miraculously and even producing late fruit. It’s an unpredictable phenomenon, terrible for planning, when early fall weather whip-saws between summery days… More

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